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Vector- American Gothic ReDesign

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February 2023

This redesign was inspired by my love of frogs. I felt it would be really interesting to turn the American Gothic painting into something more cartoon based. Being able to recreate this painting into something more comical adds a lighthearted factor to a very serious toned painting. Frogs are very alien-like creatures so adding these heads to a human body also adds comical relief. I had been viewing images of frogs on google and felt particularly drawn to the type of art the frog I used had. I liked the thick outlines that created that cartoony feeling, hence why I chose that for my redesign. I also focused on color theory, choosing two opposing colors for each of the frog heads, and then choosing a neighboring color to complement the head in the eyes. I tried to blend the color of the frog head onto the body to give it more fluidity in the image and become less distracting. I want this image to look funny and not be taken seriously.

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