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Statement and Bio

Personal Profile

My artwork is often filled with different dynamic, colors and textures. I like my work to be filled with many different emotions. By using color theory and how humans interact and interpret color, being able to process emotion through an image is possible. Although I have experienced photography in many different aspects, I am currently producing square format photography incorporated with bright colors and contrast. I am constantly curating new ideas for what my next series will be inspired by; the possibilities are endless. Colors and emotion provide me an endless opportunity for new art to be born.


I was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona and am currently attending Arizona State University to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography. After graduation I plan on pursuing my own photography career as a traveling studio photographer for main stream brands. I have previous experience doing freelance photography such as senior portraits, couples portraits and creating work for my own projects. I started photography in 2019 and have been on my art journey since. Throughout high school, my work has been put in an exhibit in the District Office where others were able to go and see my produced photos.

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